What do you like **most** about NKCCluster?

Note: due to large number of received responses some responses have been omitted.

The information is quick and accurate.
It's purposes
The interface. Easy to see, clear and right amount of information.
It's layout.
I'd like a feature sending an alarm on specific callsign and on specific band and mode: should be very useful in dx-spedition management. 73 de ******
All the previous
DX Spots Filters by Band and mode
The regular updates. The layout and ease of use.
That I can generally watch spots. After seeing some of the questions, I may have to explore it more. It probably has more capabilities than I realized.
User friendly
Save Log to adif and upload to my Log program
DX Spotting /Cluster
Easy to open and quickly see current spots and conditions.
I can use it on my phone and I can pick the node I want to use
Spotting without booting up an computer
The ability to check DX spots on my galaxy S7
Все работает отлично!
Simple And portable
A quick check of the bands to see if it is worth going out to my radio shack in another building.
The Flags
I really like that once you get it set you just launch it and go.
it works
Portable and well designed.
Loads quick. Works well. Bug free. Seems no delay from cluster.
I use this sw only for outdoor operations. The screen must be reedable even at bright sunshine. Sometimes I have difficoulties with this. Anyway thanks for this great sw.
Filter on CQ zone.
Filtering and speed
It is fantastic!
The spotting features.
View dx spots,spot dx
Quick to load
Clear informations , fast, continous upgrade
Simple to use
The choice of clusters is large.
Sort by band for mobile use
Filters and qrz connection..
Simply it works
Kleines Programm, das sagt wo man auf den Bändern suchen soll. Gute Filterfunktion
I can use it on my phone
Quick and easy to use.
Spots are quick and useful
The information screen after tipping calls
Convenience when I am portable.
"pocket operations"
I can monitor my cluster node from anywhere
Easy to use on smartphone
Ease of use
Can follow dx while watching tv on holiday at work etc etc....a god send
announcements ,flags , map , filters
Spots everywhere I go!
Ease of use and callbook integration
Fast info about current activities on the several bands
It's very reliable and loads quickly.
Ease-of-use and accuracy
good stability on Galaxy S3, good spot filters
Easy to use
It does the job
Advanced filters, stability, initial spot
It works
I like to monitor when I am away from the radio.
Clear information and the dxcluster selectivity
Works great for mobile dxing, easy to send spots.
It is easy to hand
Everything works steady, overall a great programe. With many features I have it setup on a good sized screen in the shack.
Thank you all Team NKCCLUSTER. Excelent app for hamradio. 73's at all.
Easy to see where the best do activities are.
checking dx and propogation before operating
Enhances my portable and mobile operation, as well as time when I am away from a rig.
NKCCluster enhances my mobile and portable operation. It also permits me to keep close watch on the bands when I am away from my station, say at the store, work, etc.
Fast and a good overview in the screen
Fast info
Cluster access on the go
The graphics. Nice layout.
Band Filters, call lookup, spotting
Good Layout, stabile and easy
Easy To use
Works well with smartphone
Wery goot
Accuracy and nice interface
Seeing the spots with the information and the map.
Simple and stright forward on setting up
It's look and speed of updating.
Real time spots
The flags and posts.
Nice grapic app
Easy to use
It shows a clean screen, showing only the cluster info :-)!
It is easy to use.
Spoter filters
Great .Thanks
See all info about propagation to a specific country. And the possibilities to See when I can probably have qso with this one.
It is light in tems of CPU and RAM, so battery usage is low
Simple, fast, effective
Pleasant looking display
Available when away from shack
The real time cluster spots. Very fast and easy to use
Ability to select what mode and or band (S) want to watch
It's a great app i like it very muchone if the best thing is the integration with hamlog 73
The smoothness of the package and its presentation. Just works better than other programs
Making sure I don't miss any DX when I'm away from the shack.